Presenting our Silver for the Week – Nupur


After the post on Sandeep, we decided to interview Nupur. Their friends have empathetically called the dream couple wonderful and inspiring. Sandeep and Nupur seemed to have been each other’s backbone. And in this day and age, we personally think that it is indeed one hell of a deal to have each other’s back in sickness and in good health, in joy and in sorrow.

Down Memory Lane – Nupur chose to be an educator because “I felt I could enrich and make a difference in the lives of all the children I have been a part of in some way or another.” Nupur has been in the field of education for over 3 decades.

Nupur started her career in Kolkata at La Martiniere for Girls School as an English teacher. Nupur continued in this capacity at Bishop Cotton Boys’ School (BCBS), Bangalore and went on to become the Academic Co-ordinator at BCBS. Her stint with BCBS went on for long twenty-two years. After which Nupur joined Ebenezer International School as HOD – English and Senior Coordinator, where she went on to work for 10 years.

Nupur reminisces with her famous smile sweeping her face and goes on to say, “It has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey guiding and nurturing young minds. I am very proud of the responsible way most of them have grown and feel extremely honoured when now as adults and some parents themselves, call or message to wish me  ‘Happy Teachers Day’.”

What Nupur’s Silver Years call for – “I consider the Silver Stage as the best phase of my life. This is the time when I plan to ‘celebrate’ life in all its glory, taking all the opportunities to fulfil desires and interests which had remained incomplete due to life’s various responsibilities.”

Nupur is a creative and passionate person. She is passionate about any creative pursuit, where art holds the topmost position. Learning from her travels, bonding with various kinds of people and ethnicity is something which is very important for Nupur. “I would love to find a place in the sun as an artist cum educator, a writer and much more. The list goes on forever.”


Nupur’s take on The Silver Surfers Club – “TSSC has opened many doors for me. A platform for meeting like-minded people some of whom have become lifelong friends. It has broadened the field of social work – a special mention to Dipti here for nurturing the idea of Silver Surfers and for creating opportunities for us Silvers to continue living our dreams.”

Golden Nuggets of Wisdom to the Millennials – “I would advise every age group but especially the young to take life by the horns and turn it around your way if you don’t like the cards life has dealt you.”

However, as the Serenity Prayer says –

Accept the things you cannot change,

Have courage to change the things you can

And the wisdom to know the difference.



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