When life throws you a curve ball and a few lifelong lessons!

FeaturedWhen life throws you a curve ball and a few lifelong lessons!

From clocking sixteen thousand steps on my Fitbit in March 2018, to trekking at 9,000 feet in April that year, life threw me a curveball when I least expected it to just a month later.

This phase in our lives of social distancing, and my last two challenging years of poor health, have left me not just reflecting on life itself but also being immensely grateful.

In May of 2018, just a month after I was my most active and energetic self. I found myself driven away in an ambulance only to be admitted to the ICU as I was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. The doctor assured me that it was the least serious of kidney ailments and a condition that was reversible. What followed was nearly two years of frequent hospital visits, alternate day lab tests and being monitored and treated not only by my nephrologist but also by the pulmonologist, the cardiologist, the gastroenterologist and the hematologist who handled inter-related complexities with constant mutual consultations. But all the side effects of long term medication even seemed to hasten cataract resulting in partial blindness. Life was challenging, paralyzing at times and disheartening. Here I was at the age of 68 and fighting with all of me to see the light.

Jaya at the height of Cushing syndrome

But I wasn’t alone in this. My pillar of strength – my husband Kalyan just slipped into a new role of a home maker and a caregiver while handling medicine schedules and methodically maintaining my medical records. I was ridden with guilt as my body was in a constant state of rest and I just lay in bed. To cheer and strengthen me, he often strummed and sang to me. This memory still chokes me up! I feel forever feel blessed for the partner and the support I found in him through this difficult time.

Jaya singing along with her husband Kalyan on our Silver Holiday to Bhutan

Then one day, I just got back to knitting since the fingers felt so agile and I cajoled my brain to concentrate on knitting instructions. From knitting to decoupage and to being back on stage in spite of Cushingoid (a condition where the body and face bloat due to heavy doses of steroids) was both healing and emboldening! They say art can be a therapy. It most certainly was for me. It sure contributed to the healing process. I have also had my cataract surgery, and now I see!

Did those two years, in a way, prepare me for this lockdown? While I pushed myself to think of the positives then, I know exactly how to handle this lockdown phase. Being home bound and feeling as good as new, I am slowly but surely building up my energy, strength and stamina. How do I spend my time in quarantine today?

While coloring a page a day is both meditative and therapeutic, the most feel alive feeling comes from dancing like nobody is watching! I exercise to the peppy numbers that I once danced to, starting with just one song and now being able to ‘dancexercise’ to seven songs at one go! The cooling off includes pranayama and meditation. I make it a point to call up one friend everyday for a nice long chat, just to exercise our vocal chords. I revisit poems I once loved but have forgotten. I am now working on my singing voice as part of my daily routine. And when my husband strums his guitar, I sing along in harmony.

With this Covid-19 bringing us down on our knees, I reflect on my life that was and is, and feel grateful for everything that the universe conspired to put together for me. Fate gave me a second chance and I truly and humbly believe life is a gift that’s got to be lived to the fullest. I’m grateful to life itself for teaching me this.

As written and contributed by Jaya K. – A dear friend of The Silver Surfers Club and Blog Contributor 

We sincerely thank Jaya for opening up her heart to share her story with us. One that we hope will inspire many to find strength in the time of ill health or adversity and always look out for that Silver lining.

If  you’re over 55 and would like to join The Silver Surfers Club – a growing community of active seniors we call Silver Surfers, write in to us on info@silversurfersclub.in or visit us on  http://www.thesilversurfersclub.in

Got an inspirational, uplifting or exciting story you’d like to share with us? Drop us a note in the comments below!

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DIY Hand Sanitizers – A Step by Step Guide

DIY Hand Sanitizers – A Step by Step Guide

Staying sanitized and clean is always important, and more so now when a dangerous strain of the flu is making its rounds. So we thought we’d share with you a quick, simple and natural way to keep your hands sanitized no matter where you are!

Today, chances are that you are sanitizing your hands and those of your family members as often as possible when out in public. Do you know what goes into those store bought sanitizers? That’s if you’re able to get your hands on them given they are sold out at supermarkets today.

Given that you have time on hand, we thought we’d share with you a recipe for an all natural, chemical free homemade hand sanitizer, naturally anti-viral and anti-bacterial packed with essential oils – and filled with ingredients that you can feel safe using on yourself and your family.

Preparation Time : 5 Mins
Ingredients :

  • 2 ounce spray bottle
  • 5 drops Vitamin E Oil (optional, this makes for soft hands!)
  • 3 tablespoons Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera, Vodka, or 190 proof grain alcohol (Everclear), see FAQs
  • 5 drops lemon essential oil
  • 5 drops orange essential oil
  • 5 drops tea tree essential oil
  • Distilled (or at least filtered, boiled, and cooled) water


  1. In the spray bottle, combine the vitamin E oil, witch hazel, vodka or grain alcohol, and essential oils. Place the sprayer on tightly and shake well for 15-20 seconds to combine.
  2. Open the bottle, and fill to the top with water. Replace sprayer, and shake again for 15-20 seconds. Done!
  3. Spray liberally on your hands whenever you feel like they need a bit of a deep clean. Rub hands together until dry.


Can you add aloe vera gel to make this more nourishing to the hands or to make it into a gel?

Adding aloe vera to the mixture doesn’t work because it clumps and doesn’t mix in. We personally use this hand sanitizer as is, and then frequently during the cold weather months.

What alcohol/liquid do you use when making hand sanitizer?

Use one of three main active ingredients to dilute the essential oils:

  • Witch Hazel A plant based astringent has the least amount of anti-microbial properties of the three. But it also is the most nourishing to the hands—especially when I grab the version with aloe added. I use witch hazel hand sanitizer for every day germ-fighting. 
  • Vodka: Alcohol is the gold standard for anti-microbial action—there is a reason most store-bought hand sanitizers are alcohol-based. One option is to use vodka. Most vodka on store shelves is around 40-45% alcohol (80-90 proof), and then gets further diluted in this recipe. This is what we consider a “middle of the road” hand sanitizer in our home. The vodka does make this version slightly drying to the hands.
  • High Proof Grain Alcohol (Everclear 190): This is the strongest version, using 190 proof grain alcohol (Everclear). Everclear 190 is 95% alcohol, and when diluted in this recipe, it makes a hand sanitizer that is roughly 70-75% alcohol by our calculations. This version can be very drying on the hands, so I use it sparingly.

What essential oils do you use in this recipe?

When it comes to the essential oils, I like to use a combo of three:

  • Lemon oil and Orange oil are both natural disinfectants (plus they smell nice and clean).
  • Tea Tree oil has been proven time and time again to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory!

And that’s it! That’s all you have to do to make your very own homemade natural hand sanitizer! All mentioned ingredients are available on amazon.in for delivery – so it really doesn’t get simpler than this!

Give the recipe a shot and let us know how it turns out! Got your own recipe that’s different from this? Tell us about it in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you and give it a shot!

5 reasons you should join us on our Silver Holidays!

We all know what the ideal Silver Surfers Holiday looks like – some of the most prominent bucket list destinations, sometimes even the most unusual or offbeat ones, carefully curated itineraries keeping the gentle needs of our Senior Travelers in mind, traveling with like-minded seniors and making friends for life and also, exploring the world at your own pace! 

But Silver Travels are so much more than this. Here are five things you can look forward to at a Silver Getaway – the out of the ordinary takeaways! 

  1. Take off the beaten path

Our Silver itineraries are none like anything else you would find on the internet. While we make sure you visit the places of interest in the region, we also make sure you explore the area in ways most wouldn’t. Our uniquely curated travel plans make sure you get the best of all worlds – be it culture or local cuisine, heritage or architecture, and sometimes, even just exploring some of the not so talked about local libraries and streets.

2. The perfect balance of exploring and downtime

Over the years, we have come to understand that we Silvers love a little downtime amidst all of the venturing and exploring, and for that reason, we make sure our holidays are set at a pace that we would like to call perfect. With plenty of time to catch up on sleep after a long morning, or with the inclusion of a wine tour for a relaxed evening, evening walks to take in the splendor of the misty mountains, or even catching the perfect sunset by the beach – you have plenty of time to do as you wish, taking each holiday at a pace you’re most comfortable with. 

3. Making friends of life –

When you want to understand what our holidays are about, we always mention that you can be sure you’re traveling with like-minded travel companions – but what we mean is you will be making friends for life with us. What’s even more exciting? Once you travel with our silver jet-setters, you feel so at home and you enjoy your company so much, you wouldn’t want to take a holiday with anyone else!

4. Stay in some of the most unique accommodations –

Draw your curtains to a view of the  Pyramids in Egypt, overlook the Bosphorous River in Turkey,  or catch the setting sun behind the mountains from your balcony in Croatia, from restored palaces to picturesque locations – understanding that this perhaps is a once in a lifetime experience for you, we make sure your stay is not just a regular star hotel but a perfect mix of offbeat, immersive and luxurious!

5. We take you where you wanna go –

Yes! We hear you and we hear all of the places you wish to visit – be it a country you’ve always longed to visit, little towns and villages in a new country, must try restaurants and pubs or must explore experiences in a new country – if it’s on your bucket list – we help you strike it off. With every holiday we work closely with our Silver travelers – so you can be sure we are hitting up some of the best places with some of the best people!

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? 

We know you can’t wait to join us on our next holiday and trust us when we say, we have a great calendar for the year planned – right from staying in a restored Palace in the Chettinad region to chasing the Northern Lights in Finland. But tell us, what are some of the things you look forward to most when choosing a group you’d like to travel with!?

Would you like to join us? Click through for all the details or simply write in on holidays@silversurfersclub.in

5 reasons you should join us at The Silver Awards 2020!

Welcome to The Silver Awards 2020, a day dedicated to honor seniors who are 60 years and older that have made a significant and outstanding  contribution to enrich our community while inspiring generations after them. 

Keeping our larger vision and objective in mind, The Silver Achievers Award is designed to recognize, commemorate and celebrate those remarkable achievements by individuals 60+ years of age challenging stereotypes while making a significant impact in the space of Media, Technology, Sports, Entrepreneurship, Education and Civic Services.

With just about a week to go, we thought we should give you our top 5 reasons why you should make it to Silver Awards 2020, and join us in our movement to bring the Senior Achievers of Bangalore to the forefront!

  • It’s your chance to get off the internet, shake hands with and cheer your favourite Silver Achiever in person! 

We have noticed a huge raise of awareness, an immense amount of support to our cause and a large and varied profile of people who have supported us through the last two months, deliberating, planning and executing the Silver Awards 2020, and all of this ONLINE and through SOCIAL MEDIA. It is now time to bring this virtual movement to life and make a revelation out of it, so get off the internet and come be a part of The Silver Awards 2020.

  • Come meet with and hear from some of the most bold and inspiring people of Bangalore City

Over-achievers, breakthrough personalities, top business leaders and so much more – right from people involved in social service with an unquantifiable reach to ultra-runners who are 80 years of age – we have it all at The Silver Awards 2020! And here is your chance to shake hands with them, get to know the stories of your favourite senior achiever and just be absolutely inspired by them.

  • Be part of something bigger – join our movement to bring our Seniors to the fore!

The Silver Awards 2020 aims to bring our seniors who challenge the perception and break stereotypes on the concept of ‘Aging’ through their outstanding achievements and significant contributions to society. With our larger vision in mind, the Silver Awards is a movement not only to recognise the silver generation, but to overall break the streostypes around this agegroup proving that age is just a number and retirement is redundant, and to break the barriers about retirement and ageism – all seen through the lenses of empowerment and retirement.

  • Cheer on our Seniors on top of your voice!! More voices in the audience always mean so much more encouragement for Seniors all over 

An event is like this is not possible with the support of you! The more the merrier and we would love to join hands with all the generations of Bangalore to make this a revelation and bring our concept to the forefront, through this event. If you like our concept or simply believe in what we are doing, come and support us!

  • Or simply, come celebrate with us! Dress up, enjoy a musical evening of Celebration with the Bangalore School of Music!

All of this comes together in a night full of awards and celebration, so if all of the above four points don’t excite you, then come on and enjoy a musical Opera evening by the Bangalore School of Music and get ready to be wow-ed! Dress up, show up, support our cause while having a wonderful evening 🙂

Would you like to join us at The Silver Awards 2020? Click through the link to RSVP : https://bit.ly/37sbnbo

We can’t wait to see you there!

Silver Achievers in Bangalore!

At The Silver Surfers Club, we believe our Senior Generation belongs to the hearts of our community and that we, as a society need to build safe and inclusive communities for our Silver generation and commend those seniors who challenge the concept of Aging, inspirting not only their generation, but the generations after them as well.

A little about the Silver Awards 2020:

At The Silver Surfers Club we have witnessed the strengths of our Silver Generation – from life-skills, adaptability and resilience to a wealth of experience and a go getter attitude and much more! They have inspired us time and time again to never let age come in the way of one’s passion, purpose and achievements. This Feb 2020 The Silver Surfers Club is honoured to host The Silver Awards 2020 – an evening dedicated to recognize, commemorate and celebrate Seniors (60 years and above) in our community who have made a significant contribution to enrich the social, cultural or civic life of our community while inspiring generations after them. These Awards are designed to recognize, commemorate and celebrate those remarkable achievements by individuals 60+ years of age challenging stereotypes while making a significant impact in the space of Media, Sports, Entrepreneurship, Education and Civic Services.

What started as an idea has today brought so many goosebump inspiring and unbelievable stories of seniors doing such commendable work silently in the background in their 70s, 80s and even 90s!! We now see that these stories of our Silver generation have touched over 50,000 lives! 🙂 And nothing makes us happier!

With the nominations in full swing, we cannot even begin to explain how INSPIRED we are with all the stories coming in across all of these categories. Here are a few of them:

The Silver Awards 2020.

At The Silver Surfers Club, we believe that everyday is a new opportunity to explore ways in which we can challenge the world in the way they perceive seniors. And with yet another lightbulb idea and after a lot of deliberation, The Silver Awards were born.

It is not often that we come across people in their 60s, 70s, 80s or even 90s work hard despite their age, take pride in the work they do and make a difference in society. After a little research, we found out that this is not because they don’t exist, but only because there is so less spoken about them. The Silver Awards 2020 is an initiative by The Silver Surfers Club to bring them to the forefront, to recognise and celebrate them, to commemorate them for their achievements.

The Silver Awards 2020 is an evening of Awards & Recognition dedicated to Senior Achievers (60 years and over) of Bangalore City who challenge the perception and break stereotypes on the concept of ‘Aging’ through their outstanding achievements and significant contributions to society. With 6 carefully thought out award categories covering a range of fields that we know Seniors are doing some remarkable work in including entrepreneurship, education, media, sports and social services, to name a few , The Silver Awards will bring to light all of the remarkable seniors of Bangalore.


Every traveller’s style is different, but holiday essentials remain constant for everyone and on every road trip you go! Agree?

Here are our 5 Road Trip Tips – Silver Surfer style or not! 

  1. Pack light and pack right – Doing a little research goes a long way in make sure you are comfortable during your travels. Weather it’s knowing the expected temperatures, or the terrain of the land so you can decide what jacket and shoes to carry, to going through your itinerary to see if you need to carry a scarf for a trip to the temple, knowing these details will let you have a stress free and hassle free holiday
  1. Keep some cash handy – Think make up bag or medicine kit, hiding out some cash in a secret pouch is never a bad idea! Just in case of an emergency, you have your secret funds to rely upon before you reach out to the rest of the group! 
  1. Know the local helpline numbers before you go – This should be a mandate for every holiday we go on – international and domestic, road trip or cruise! 
  1. Keep some room for souvenirs to remember your trip – We all love shopping for our closest friends and family and on a larger holiday, some of us even carry an additional bag to bring back the load of shopping we’ve done! Our “road trip pro tip” would be to save some empty space in your bag so you have space to pack all your holiday souvenirs! 
  1. What’s a road trip without a nice playlist and some yummy snacks? We all have our favourite songs, but we also all have our favourite songs to listen to in a car! Create your sing-song playlist and don’t forget to pack your favourite munchies! 

We are all set to drive out on our Silver Road Trip to Chikmagalur and we are even more excited than our first time there! 

Stay tuned for all our holiday updates 🙂 

My journey as an entrepreneur by Usha R

It was in 1986 that I started my journey as an entrepreneur. My elder daughter was five years old, and my younger was 2. I always longed to have money of my own, and an opportunity came along and fell into my lap.
Although I needed to wait a couple of more years for my younger daughter to grow up, I took the plunge, and I have no regrets. The offer was too good not to take up. They say that you get an opportunity only once. Here was my lifetime opportunity, and I grabbed it.

My best friend was a successful exporter, and I was allowed entry into her family’s production units. I was stupefied to see the rolls and rolls of all the lovely fabrics and made-ups that they churned out. I had never seen such beautiful, sober combinations. My friends were in the handloom sector, and using checks and stripes was their forte. The Western world loved cotton and handloom weaves. They designed the checks and stripes into the most beautiful combinations, and our talented Indian weavers wove their ideas into the most beautiful and magical fabrics. The Western designers made us aware of how beautiful a dull grey fabric could be transformed when woven with the right combinations. Anyway, these products made for the export market would take my breath away, and I somehow wanted to get involved in selling them. And as if in answer to my prayers, my friend proposed that we start a boutique in Mysore.

I had a savings of fifty thousand rupees. That was all I had. I decided to risk the entire amount. As a partner, my best friend put in her share of fifty thousand. Her father offered to loan us the two lakhs advance that was needed as a deposit for the premises. He had his conditions of course, and being a hardcore businessman would loan us the money at the prevailing high rate of interest. We had no choice but to accept his condition because nobody else had the confidence to risk an investment in such a novice like me. My strengths were my integrity, my determination to work hard, and the ambition to make a success of the enterprise. I was to be the working partner.

We decided to name the boutique “TOTALLY WOMAN” because it was decided to stock up a mix of clothes and linen with a feminine touch. It was two months of hectic shopping trying to source products for the store, registration for retailing, and all the other nittys and grittys associated with a start-up.

I was in a tizzy. It was a dream coming true, and I couldn’t believe it was really happening. We had just kept ten thousand rupees aside for emergencies and spent the entire amount of ninety thousand rupees for purchases, worrying all the time. I will never forget the thrill of the first bill we cut. It was two months of paying out money to vendors. This was the first time money was flowing into our kitty. The opening day sales were excellent. That was expected since the attendees were all invitees (friends and relatives), who were our well-wishers. The boutique looked awesome and breathed positivity that first day. It was an event that I was so proud of, and I will never forget the excitement of that first day till my last breath.

We ran “TOTALLY WOMAN” in Mysore for 14 years, and we were doing quite well with clothes, but my first love was to sell Household Linen, which wasn’t moving off our shelves. The made ups were so lovely that I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t selling.

At that point in time, in 1988, I met somebody from Bangalore, and it was a turning point for “TOTALLY WOMAN.” She visited the boutique and loved the linen. She helped me market the linen in Bangalore. The ‘Main Art Gallery’ at “THE SAFINA PLAZA” on Infantry Road turned out to be the perfect place to introduce our linen to the Bangalore market. The Hall was a bright 1500 sq ft of excellent retailing space near Commercial Street. At a rent of 500 per day, the price was a steal. Sunday was free. The owner of the Plaza would tell us to pay for Sunday if we did any business. We did business of course, but never owned up to the fact. We had our fears at first, and it was a challenge to fill 1500 sq ft of space with linen. We didn’t have that much stock.

We decided to approach many manufactures of linen and took their stuff on a consignment basis, absolutely unsure of how Bangalore would receive our stuff. But our fears seemed unfounded, really.

Our first sale was a stupendous one. We sold out and went home only with the scrap gunny bags and two bales of unsold linen. The response was phenomenal. My adrenalin shot up, and I was excited beyond words. I couldn’t sleep for days on end. It was a happy and successful phase for “TOTALLY WOMAN.” The news got around quickly and we started having exhibitions every six months. The queues were long and serpentine. People were waiting for hours to buy our stuff. Once there was a queue waiting from The Safina Plaza to the Copper Arch. I was so nervous. Could I handle such a crowd? I had not anticipated such a crowd. A friend came to say “Hi” and seeing my plight offered to help me with the billing and I gratefully accepted his assistance.
Another incident is still fresh in my mind. We had bargained with a vendor who had a stock of 1000 double bedspreads to sell. He offered it to us for Rs. 60 per piece. We took another risk. We offered to buy the entire 1000 pieces for Rs. 40 per piece, with a payment time of 30 days. He was so happy to get rid of his stock that he agreed immediately. We just kept Rs. 20 per piece as our profit margin and sold them at Rs. 60. And believe me or not, we sold out the entire stock of bedspreads in 2 days. We had made a clean profit of twenty thousand rupees on just one product alone and the vendor was overjoyed that he got his payment within a week instead of the one month that we had asked for.

People would come from as far as Basavangudi and Jayanagar for the exhibitions. In the late 80s and the 90s, “TOTALLY WOMAN” had really carved out a niche for itself in Bangalore. Another dream of mine had come true.

I had got into this space when I was 36 years old. Now I am 68 going on 69, and my hair has gone completely silver. But I still get excited when I see a nice product and imagine my customers’ smiling faces when they buy something I have so carefully chosen.
Customers would come and say they have never seen products like this, and I was flooded with compliments always.But the best compliment by far was one which I received recently when a customer said to me, “I love to shop at TOTALLY WOMAN. Your linen has brought a smile to my face and to those who have received them as gifts from me.” That day, I felt that this long journey of 32 years of entrepreneurship has been really worthwhile.

A look back – September 2019

A look back – September 2019

The month of September came and went like a whirlwind of successes – not just for us, but for everything we at The Silver Surfers Club stand for and for our very special Silver Community we represent.

The month saw long tireless discussions finally bear fruit in terms of meaningful work opportunities for seniors. It also saw much needed offloading emotional responsibilities!

Read on to find out why you should be as excited as us!

We kicked off the month on 5th September, with the launch of ‘SURGE – A renewed Silver Workforce’ – A vertical that we’ve been working tirelessly towards to bring about Generation Inclusion – in society, in communities and in the workplace while finding meaningful work opportunities for seniors.

Panelled by leaders who are only the best in the business – from SAP, Northern Trust, IIMB, Techstars and IWFCI, Surge 2019 launched on 5th September with remarkable success. Attended by close to 100 seniors, this event didn’t just inspire the senior community but also opened the eyes of the young achievers to the vast untapped Silver potential!

What we saw was the coming together of multiple generations to discuss how each one contributes uniquely and effectively to a workplace and the interdependance of each generation’s values, skill sets, experience and so much more!

We say #RetirementIsRedundant and #AgeIsAnAsset and we are here to prove it!

We were most humbled by the standing ovation Surge received from our esteemed panelists and encouraged on the way forward.
Here’s what they had to say!

Safe to say, Team Surge has their work cut out for them!

After all that work, some downtime was a need of the hour. So on a drizzly Sunday morning, a few of us Breakfast Enthusiasts of TSSC caught up over a hot cuppa, great conversations and just the most delicious breakfast! The perfect way to start the day – we say!

The end of the month saw two very very special events.

Towards the end of the month, we brought to the forefront another talk – except this time, something very different! An interactive, uplifting and meaningful conversation about a topic that we most often shy away from, knowing that it is inevitable and knowing fully that there is no escaping from it – Death!

This evening over dinner saw two tables full of seniors for the first time in India, talking about death, addressing the topic with a positive outlook and learning from each other! – The #DeathOverDinner experience was truly unreal and at the same time, empowering and encouraging.

The smiles on these faces are a true testament to how much lighter it can make you feel 🙂 Here’s what some our of our Silvers had to say about their experience

Last evening, I seemed to be a part of a belonging wholeness. I spoke about events that were a part of my deep struggle at one point in time. Now, I am at peace as I seem to complete those issues, with gratitude and forgiveness 🙏’

‘It was like a journey within myself and with the others . Living Will is a great idea and sharing with your family about yourself how you want your end is fascinating. Thanks everyone!

Ending on a high note, and Moving mountains – slowly but steadily, we were honored to have our Founder – Dipti Varma Narain along with Silver Surfers Rema Ramachandran and Uma Madan invited to speak at NorthernTrust as they launch their ‘Care Givers Vertical’ – an initiative that recognizes the immense work pressure employees are under, while also balancing the needs of their own aging parents and their young kids.

Proud (an unestimation of how we feel) that we as The Silver Surfers Club can step in with our thoughts, ideas, research and immense learning over the years, and share a few simple and enjoyable ways one can enable their parents to lead better lives.

All in all – it was an absolutely fabulous month filled with promise as we move into a beautiful month of Festivities this October!

Write in to us if you’d like to join our growing community of Silver Surfers. 🙂 Is there a topic you’d like us to address? Feel free to write in to let us know.

With what has been a very promising month gone by, we at the Silver Surfers Club are very grateful for the things we have been able to achieve, the lives we have been able to touch and the powerful and impactful events we are able to put together.
Without a doubt, the second half of the year has been one with double the action, double the fun and double the meaning, and we are happy to say, that we have four full months of madness left!

Here is a look back at August – the boldest month till date!


“The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it”.
The very dedicated team of CLAP (Celebrate Life Ageing Positively) kickstarted the month with yet another insightful and empowering talk, this time on the Meaning and Purpose of Life – A Scientific Approach. With us, we had Dr. Benjamin, a subject matter expert talking about the scientific ways and means of how living by our values and beliefs, understanding time and the life cycle, creating a meaningful routine, exploring and reflecting, can lead to a fulfilling and complete life!
While the talk was intended to empower the Silver Surfers, the event saw everyone listening intently right from the Silver Surfers Team to our sponsors and partners. We are always so glad that we are able to bring such talks to the forefront and recieve the kind of feedback that it does, and watch our seniors implement these words of wisdom into their daily lives!


The month concluded with the second edition of our #PlayWithAPurpose, OLDER AND BOLDER.
This time, fifteen Silver Surfers and one sixteen-year-old director took the challenge of presenting the Silver Millenial and how Silvers should age well in changing times, over three short theatrical performances.
After a month of ups and downs, event ideation, curation and execution, rehearsals and practice, we proudly sold out and had people lining up willing to stand and watch the show! This event was a perfect evening of community theatre, coupled with a social impact! Ask us what our biggest takeaway from it all was – the coming together of different generations to make the play possible, to put the event together and to watch it. A truly heart warming feeling to know that Silvers are becoming more relevant and staying more relevant in the society with each day that passes.

Want to revisit the madness and take a walk down memory lane? Head to our Facebook page for the official pictures!